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How to select the best offer?

While selling a home we fall into a big dilemma as to with whom we should fix the deal as we get several offers regarding the property. It is not... More Details  

Top tips on setting the Listing Price of a property

There is no perfect listing price as such at anywhere, or written in any book. You have to study the overall market phase, understand with experience... More Details  

Sell at a higher rate!

One needs to know some simple steps to take while selling your home to a prospective buyer. It is needful to spend some bucks for a return of double... More Details  

Why is it important to give exclusive rights for selling?

Selling a property in this online and unorganized market of unprofessional agents is a bit of a challenging task. It is a good decision to give...More Details  

10 Mistakes Home Sellers Make

Home sellers possibly market their house to sell in every way possible starting from putting an advert to letting friends and family know about it....More Details